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The Quinton Sisters - My Friend And I mp3 track

The Quinton Sisters - My Friend And I mp3 track

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Performer: The Quinton Sisters
Title: My Friend And I
Style: Gospel
Category: World, Folk, Country
Rating: 4.1 ✦


A1 My Friend And I
A2 He Is My Everything
A3 Bring Back The Springtime
A4 Plenty Of Room In The Family
A5 The Moment Of Truth
A6 You Can Have A Song
B1 Happiness
B2 When I Prayed Through
B3 Heaven On My Mind
B4 Samson
B5 I've Never Loved Him Better
B6 Greater Is He


  • Bass Guitar – Paul Ivany
  • Drums – Dennis Hollett
  • Electric Piano – Bob Maidment
  • Organ – Ruby James
  • Producer – Wally White
  • Rhythm Guitar – Wally White
  • Trombone – Wally White
  • Vocals – Beverley Quinton, Cynthia Quinton, Debbie Quinton

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